About RuralGO Health Foundation

RuralGO Health Foundation is a not-for-profit Faith Based Organization established by Rev. Fr. Daniel Neyoh, MBA in December 2019.

Our mission is to promote good health and well-being of people in remote areas of Ghana with limited or no access to healthcare services. In continuing the healing ministry of Christ, we are committed to the provision of primary healthcare to the poor and the needy through highly skilled healthcare professionals who desire to give back to society without compensation.

What we do

Medical Health Screening

We work in collaboration with the District Health Directorates to conduct free health education and preventive medical health screenings at Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) Zones.


We help to register those who meet specified financial criteria with the National Health Insurance Scheme.


We provide logistical support to deprived health centers and facilities, plus build capacity for health professionals within the project impact areas.

Our Vision & Values

RuralGO Health Foundation strives to be the best CHPS Zone faith-based Christian-oriented not-for-profit healthcare organization in Ghana and beyond.

We are guided by our values, which provide the foundation for the RuralGO Health Foundation mission and vision: Volunteerism, Integrity, Respect, Humility, Hard work and Compassion, giving healthcare a ‘human face’ and a ‘human touch.’

Volunteerism: The spirit of volunteerism is at the heart of RuralGO. Every member freely provides healthcare services without compensation to their fellow citizens, especially those in rural areas.

Integrity: Every RuralGO service provider conducts himself or herself with utmost integrity in sincerity and commitment.

Respect: Any individual or organization associated with RuralGO is treated with dignity and respect regardless of their background.

Humility: Every member of the foundation attentively listens to any issues, irrespective of the social status of the person, and appropriately responds to them.

Hard work: Members of the foundation apply themselves fully to ensure that an adequate amount of free medical screenings is performed every year in the CHPS Zones.

Compassion: The foundation is built on the compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ who God though was God, identify himself with the poor, sick and the needy and above all to save the sinful human being. (Philippians 2: 5-8)

About Rev. Fr. Daniel Neyoh, MBA

Fr. Neyoh was ordained a Catholic Priest on December 5, 2004 for the Catholic Archdiocese of Cape Coast in the Central Region of Ghana, West Africa.

Since his ordination, Fr. Neyoh has and continues to serve in the healthcare sector. Inspired by the mission of Christ to serve the poor and the vulnerable—and to be a living witness to this mercy and love towards the sick in remote places—it has been the desire of Fr. Neyoh to serve the poor in rural areas in the Central Region of Ghana, especially women and children.

In July 2016, father had the opportunity for further studies in the United States in Health Care Management, challenging him to put his new learning skills into practice as a potential hospital administrator. He has since earned a Masters degree in Business Administration from St. Joseph’s College, which has paved the way for the birth of RuralGO Health Foundation.

Our Advisors

RuralGO Health Foundation is supported and encouraged by the following individuals:

Mr. George Afriyie
Lawyer – Professor at the GIMPA School of Law

Dr. Ernest Asiedu
Ministry of Health

Mr. Lawrence Arhin

Mr. Roger Kwawu Yawo
Senior Medical Laboratory Scientist- SFX Hospital, Assin Foso

Mr. Nicholas Ayensu-Appiah
STAR Ghana Foundation Grant’s and Compliance Manager

Mr. Stephen Takyi Ansah
Former Administrator – Our Lady of Grace Hospital, Breman Asikuma

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