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“I used to believe that prayer changes things, but now I know that prayer changes us, and we change things.”

~St. Mother Teresa

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RuralGo Health Foundation was founded as a response to Jesus’ instructions to visit the sick and clothe the naked (Matthew 25:36). Jesus by his nature loved the sick and the poor. Emulating Jesus, the mission of RuralGo Health Foundation is to reach out to the poor, the sick, and the vulnerable.

As a human organization, various challenges are inevitable and so consistent prayer becomes the only means of sustaining us and enabling continuous operation; hence, the creation of the RuralGo Health Foundation prayer warrior team. The main aim of the group is to offer prayers for the success of the organization all the time.

The team is called the Mother Teresa Prayer Warrior Team—named after St. Mother Teresa because of the deep love and compassion she had for the poor and the sick. Since the mission of the foundation is to reach out to the poor and the sick in society, it is appropriate to name such a group after this great spiritual and holy woman.

We invite all who are interested to join this group and express your willingness to pray for the intentions of our foundation by entering your email address below:

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Our intentions this month

God our father, we thank you for all those who have opted to pray for the success of this organization. As they pray for the foundation, may you also attend to their personal needs. Protect them from the enemy and through this organization may we always bring smiles upon the faces of the poor and the sick. May the intercession of Saint Mother Teresa for the foundation forever bring your blessings upon all of us. Amen.

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