A Christmas Message from Fr. Daniel

May the Peace and Love of the Infant Jesus be with you all!

All too soon, another Christmas is here with us. To God be the glory for making all of us partakers in this great season of unconditional Love and Care. Jesus came to restore that joyful state of humanity that was lost at the beginning through the manipulation of the Devil.

It is this restoration of joy and happiness that the RuralGo Health Foundation stands for – to bring smiles back to the faces of the needy and the poor through service. During the year, you, our cherished subscribers, have journeyed with us to discharge this responsibility diligently and we thank and appreciate you for that. Despite the global economic hardship, the Foundation, through your help, was able to renew the health insurance cards of over 500 poor and needy people. But for the Foundation, many poor people who are our brothers and sisters in Christ would be denied healthcare services in times of sickness. It is your support that helped us achieve this.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, in one of his teachings, said to the people, “The King will answer, Truly I say to you: whenever you did this to these little ones who are my brothers and sisters, you did it to me.” (Matthew 25:40) What you offered to the Foundation was not just to help the poor and the needy, but instead, you did it to Jesus Christ. Jesus is the source of all charitable works. Christmas always draws our attention to the need to give because Jesus Christ came as a gift to us to make us joyful and complete, to save us. As the people who benefitted from your generosity smiled, it was Jesus smiling at your giving from your hearts.

As we celebrate this Christmas, may Christ grant us the spiritual and material favors to continue giving, especially to the poor and the needy. May the intercession of Saint Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa), the Saint who inspires us to do what we do, bring us happiness and joy in the coming year as we continue to serve our Lord Jesus Christ through the poor and the needy.

Happy Christmas to you all, and many happy returns!

God bless RuralGo Health Foundation!
God bless our Cherished Subscribers!!
God bless the Faithful People of God!!!


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